Why Do I Blog Regularly?

Does your reason for blogging fall into the above categories? (source)

There are many reasons why I still make it a point to blog fairly frequently despite having a rather stressful and hectic schedule at work. Let me list them down some of the more major ones:

1) It allows me to mentally unwind from the rigours of the workday, and to indulge my intellectual muse. With this digital canvas as my backdrop, I can play "guru" and dish out advice that hopefully can make a difference to businesses, companies and employees wherever they are.

2) It helps me to assert my own individuality, establish my own identity and develop my own personal brand. What I do here is in my own voice, expressing my views and opinions.

3) It disciplines me to build an online presence, post by post, picture by picture, word by word. Every blog post that I manage to push up is always a mini achievement to me, regardless of how badly written or poorly conceived it was. Well, at least I tried.

4) It gives me a platform to capture my thoughts, lessons learnt, books read, theories conceived, and other personal musings in a convenient and easily shared format. The blog functions as a "brain dump" where I can transmit whatever limited grey matter I have whenever I can muster the time and effort to put them down in digital ink.

5) It opens up new doors of friendships and relationships with folks from many different walks of life. Through the mutual sharing, discourses, retweets, shared links, and both virtual and physical meet-ups, my horizons have expanded tremendously both socially and professionally.

6) It functions as an open book which chronicles the times of my life, as well as the growing maturity - or senility - of my views as the years pass. I suppose these are probably more significant to my family members and friends than the others who read my blog.

What drives you to regularly produce content on a digital platform? Are you doing it for self actualisation, professional development, or just because you needed a place to vent?

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