Do We Really Need So Many Options?

One of the greatest contradictions in life is that "the more the merrier" isn't necessary true when one is swamped by choices. In fact, having too many options open to you could lead to an analysis paralysis and a freeze in decision making.

So having one hundred different flavours for your ice-cream, a thousand different blog templates, or 10,000 different pantone shades to paint your wall in may actually work against your business rather than for it.

Don't believe me? Just watch this engaging presentation by Barry Schwartz, a well known psychologist and academic at Swarthmore College who spoke about the paradox of choice. His central thesis is that having a greater variety of options needn't necessarily improve the quality of life. In fact, the plethora of choices that we have in this Internet-fueled day and age may actually lead to lower satisfaction levels and discontent rather than hyper delighting one's customers.

Speaking of choices, I just realise that this blog has qualified as one of the 10 finalists for the Most Insightful blog category for the Blog Awards. Apparently, my blog is one of the 100 which has been shortlisted from 1,500 blogs submitted.

Do participate in this by registering as a member on and casting your vote. There are lots of attractive prizes to be won so don't give up this opportunity.

Voting commences today and will end on 31 July, 2359hrs SHARP. Voters will stand to win a total of 5 Creative Vado (worth S$169) and 5 ST701 Portable External Hard Disk (250GB).

Naturally, I am delighted and honoured by this. And if you view the video above, the choice is actually quite simple and straightforward. =)

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