A Coastal Escapade

My family and I love nature and the outdoors, and most of our weekends are often spent either at a garden or park. A few weeks back, we decided to check out the Changi Point Boardwalk at the recommendation of my wife's colleague. It was a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Made up of four sections, the Changi Boardwalk hugs the Eastern outline of Singapore, and allows one to experience the rustic and quiet charm of one of Singapore's oldest beaches. Adorned with heritage trees, it meanders through holiday bungalows and chalets. Here's a photolog of our recent trip at one of its sections.


Our journey started at this little shed, which is located just beside some government bungalows at Cranwell Road and Andover Road.


A brief explanation of the sights, sounds and scents that one can encounter along the way.


There are two options for boardwalkers - a Kelong Walk and a Cliff Walk.


We decided to venture first on the Kelong Walk, making our way through the wooden planked pathway shrouded by luscious green foliage.


As we made our way through the path, the green corridors gave way to a nice sea view.


A little "kelong" sits at the boardwalk extending to the sea.


What does this lady have in her net? Are they crabs?


Unfortunately, no. They are catfishes from the sea, with nasty stinging barbs that can do you in.


In times like this, expert help is needed. A malay lady assists in removing the poison glands from the fishes.


Our next walk was up the hill to the Cliff Walk.


Along the way, we spotted yet another fisherman blissfully casting his cares into the ocean's caress.


A contrast in size and height. Hmmm... what's Ethan trying to do here?


You got it! He is using a coconut as a football!


More patches of green to soothe the eyes, mind and spirit.

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