Running Up Those Hills

Henderson Waves Bridge courtesy of chooyutshing

After viewing the launch of the Southern Ridges by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last night on Channel News Asia, I felt an inner voice tell me that I need to run up those hills. Stretching across from Alexandra Road (Gillman area) to Telok Blangah Park and Mount Faber, there were three new linkways stretching 1.3 km long which range in height from three to 18 metres high. At the highest point across Henderson Road, it is about 36 metres above the road.

From my home at the Bukit Purmei area, I ran this morning along Telok Blangah Rise, all the way to Henderson Road, and then through Depot Road till I reached Alexandra Road near the old Gillman Camp area. Gazing upwards at the Alexandra Arch, I felt an great attraction in scaling up those heights, even though I knew that it wasn't exactly child's play to run up those steel structures. I wasn't alone though as there were many families, silver-haired folks, and youths up there enjoying the breathtaking view of lush forests and beautiful landscape.

As I ran up the Gillman Hill area across to Telok Blangah Park and the awe inspiring Henderson Waves (which is the tallest point), I felt a sense of elation and exhilaration which appear to have eluded me for many months. Along the way, I jogged along the Forest Walk, sprinted across the Hilltop Walk, and crossed the above bridge from Telok Blangah Park to Mount Faber Park - my usual running territory.

It has been a long time since I felt this charged up after my regular (or rather irregular jogs). The last time I experienced this was probably more than 13 years ago back in university when I did the regular South Buona Vista/ Pasir Panjang/ Clementi route through NUS. I loved the endorphin rush which comes with long distance running, the immense sense of satisfaction, as well as the afterburner effect which takes place hours after that experience.

In fact, I was so charged up after the exercise this morning that I went to buy a new pair of running shoes - the New Balance 768 - and am all ready to test them out tomorrow morning first thing!

Gentlemen, start your engines......

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