Thematic Toilets

Anybody who has visited Great World City at Kim Seng Road in Singapore would have noticed its toilets. Painted in resplendent colours and themed to various countries around the world, they provide a nice respite (in more ways than one) to the otherwise drab and uninspiring experience of easing oneself. Its bathrooms are decked in designs and patterns hailing from Japan, Holland, Africa, Thailand and other regions.

The exterior of this Spanish themed gentlemen's room looked fairly nondescript save for the painted bulls by the side.

Once you step in though, you are greeted by this "poster" of a matador bullfighting at a Spanish arena.

Colourful Spanish styled pillars and columns adorn the wash basin areas.

Hmmm.... is that a crowd watching you ....errr... do your business?

Classical Spanish-styled architecture transports one to the streets of Madrid or Barcelona while other "movements" are happening.

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