Are We Pigging Out?

Grrr.... I just realise that my home has been downgraded lately - from a HDB flat to a pig sty! Obviously, we need a lot more public education efforts to support the recent Earth Day celebrations and Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) campaigns.

Our problem of littering isn't fresh news. In fact, it has been happening all this while. The reason why our island still remained clean and green is largely due to the huge army of contract cleaners and waste management workers that we employ. Without them, I shudder to think what state of decay and filth we will end up with.

I took the following photographs a couple of days ago to show you what I mean, and I didn't even have to travel far from my flat.

The first unsightly piece of rubbish comes in a box, complete with plastic packaging on a ledge.

When I stepped into the lift, I was greeted by pieces of strewn tissue papers, cigarette butts, and flyers. Believe it or not, this is a DAILY affair.

At the ground level, I spotted somebody's newspaper on the ledge, together with a bunch of flyers and brochures.

The situation isn't any better at the letter box area. In fact, this is often the dirtiest zone, with junk mail strewn on the floor by inconsiderate residents.

Even the carpark area was not spared. Here a crushed plastic cup bore witness to the uncivil acts of man.

Needless to say, the corridors had a "paper trail" for wannabe detectives keen to track down and hunt their quarry.

Things got so desperate that some of my neighbours have put up their own posters. Unfortunately, they ended up on the floor as litter themselves!

Is there something that we can do together to stop these selfish acts? How can we preserve our environment when others seem hell bent on destroying it? Any ideas?

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