The Day The Music Died

My relatively new Dell PC has just refused to boot up last night and this morning, and I suspect that there is a hard disk failure. Of course, this meant that I can't blog or participate in anything online - heck anything that requires a PC. I can't even get into the CMOS/BIOS thing by pressing Del or F9 which means something big time is screwed up inside. It could be something related to the rain, power surges (although my adaptor is supposed to have protection), or maybe even physical damage related. Grrr.....

After the initial hyperventilating, stewing and steaming, going into denial, uncontrollable sobbing (Ok I exaggerate), I started to see things in a more philosophical manner. The good thing (yes, there is a silver cloud in the lining) is that I am rediscovering the joys of spending time away from the screen, playing with my son, and admiring God's green earth. Also, I guess I will read more - I still owe Ivan that book review!

The last time my old PCs hard disk died, I remembered taking an online hiatus for about a month or so. Life changed then for me. I spent more time talking to my parents, more time exercising, and more time reading. In addition, I rediscovered the joys of the simple things in life like a walk in a park, and just plain ol' staring at the ceiling daydreaming.

What's your PC/hard disk failure experiences like?

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