Weapons of Mass Distraction

Was emailing to both Ivan Chew and Siva, when the idea for this blog post struck me. After all, in the age of digital democratization, time is probably the most scarce resource. We only have 24 hours a day, and there is only this much you can do.

Here are some modern day Weapons of Mass Distraction:

Reality TV

Few television trends have gobbled up so much airtime and headspace as the latest surge of every which way it goes reality TV programmes.


There is a reason why we are the SMS capital of the world, breaking the Guinness Record on this repeatedly years in a row. Of course, nothing is more irritating than talking to somebody who is furiously using their thumbs while listening (yeah right) to you.

Internet Surfing

How many times have we surfed aimlessly from site to site, wandering around looking for interesting things to tickle our fancy?


Boom or bane, blogging does take up time. Of course, some may have made it into a real professsion, but let's face it, for most of us it is probably just a self-indulgent, ego-boosting exercise in armchair commentary. Right?


The best things in life are free, 24 by 7, and any time you like it. Sometimes, they are also weird, unconventional and amateurish productions which makes you laugh so hard your stomach hurt!


So you may not necessarily be a fan of the mrbrown show but with so many podcasts to choose from, there is guaranteed to be one to suit your customised iPOD. Go ahead and let those maniacal mantras penetrate your eardrums.

Ringing Mobiles

Ok, let's face it. Nothing in this world is more distracting than a ringing mobile phone. It has been said that houses have burnt to ashes by unattended cooking fires left by somebody answering their Nokias, Sony-Ericssons and Motorolas.

Blackberries (and other related push-email devices)

Think you are safe after office hours away from your terminal? Think again. With push-email, your respite from the words that haunt have ended. 24 by 7.

World of Warcraft (or Maple Story, Second Life, Half Life etc...)

Go ahead and choose your MMOG poison. Plug into an alternate universe, don a heroic outfit, and watch the hours (and your youth) disappear faster than a speeding bullet. Oh yes, while you are at it, you can also make new friends and chat with them. Now, isn't it cool to accumulate gazillion credits as you rise to become the new god emperor (or whatever)?

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