Papyrus Pleasures @ Chinese Heritage Centre

Popped down with Ethan and Tina to Chinese Heritage Centre to check out Sunday Playday, a programme that is part of Explore Singapore! organised by the National Heritage Board, National Library Board and Media Development Authority. The event provided hands-on and light-hearted ways to learn about all things Chinese. Well, my son Ethan certainly enjoyed his time there and brought home a neat little souvenir to boot!

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Bus loads of visitors!
Busloads of seniors (sound familiar?) leaving CHC after a swell time discovering what makes one Chinese.

Stall holders peddling Chinese accessories, books and other products.

Papyrus kraft samples
Some finished papyrus kraft artworks. Looks richly textured and colourful eh?

Payrus Kraft 2
Kids being engaged for hours at something non-IT or Internet related. Amazing!

Ethan and Jace
Ethan learning the finer touches of papyrus kraft from TOL ArtVenture boss Jace Ng

Ethan trying papyrus kraft
Tina giving little Ethan a hand to speed things up a little.

Ethan and snake and ladder
Ethan trying his luck at a huge snakes and ladders game. Preparing for the IR boy?

Gallery visitors
Visitors to the galleries of Chinese Heritage Centre

Gallery Tour 2
More gallery visitors enthralled by a guide's fascinating explanation.

Hong Bao Art
Hong bao making galore, attracting fans young or young at heart.

Finished Hong Bao Lanterns
Some of the lovely finished products being displayed. Definitely not your cheap and tacky Chinatown souvenirs!

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