The Power of Positive Language

Tap the power of positive words today (courtesy of Shelley Stark)

Have you wondered why things do not turn out the way you like them to? Are you caught in a downward spiral of disappointment and negativity?

Ever thought that what you say can and will make all the difference?

Renowned motivational speaker Zig Ziglar shares about the powerful impact of words in this podcast. By using affirmative language and positive phrases, one can change one's perspective at work and in life while triggering good vibes. This is especially important in jobs such as sales or retail which often require one to maintain a positive outlook despite rejections and complaints from customers.

A similar notion is also shared by renowned Christian speaker and television evangelist Joel Osteen. Here in this video below, Joel talks about the power of speaking forth blessings and words that begin with "I am". In Joel's words, choosing what follows the "I am" will help to draw those things - whether positive or negative - into one's life.

As we listen to and view the messages above, let us ask ourselves if our language is constructive or destructive, encouraging or critical. Using positive language, however, does not mean that we sugar-coat our words in an insincere and superficial manner. Rather, it compels us to affirm ourselves as well as those around us, focusing on a possible bright future rather than crying over the spilt milk of the past.

Not sure how to begin? Why not consider using these positive words for a start? 

You can also be inspired by this list of positive mantras and develop your own list of sentences and phrases that you speak to yourself, preferably on a regular basis.  Some statements that one could use for self talk (not to others mind you) would include the following:

"I am intelligent, charming and effective. People are positively drawn to me."

"My future is a bright one full of positive developments that add meaning and value to my life."

"I am healthy, happy and balanced in all aspects of my life."

"My work develops and stretches me in positive ways that are motivating, enriching and enjoyable."

Note that speaking positive words doesn't make all negative issues magically disappear into thin air. There may still be trials and tribulations that come along our way. However, focusing one's will and energies on the optimistic future will definitely make a difference in how things will pan out as we journey along the way.

In a world that is overly obsessed with scandals, bad news, economic downturn, losses and despair, it profits us little to add fuel to the fire. Instead, let us focus on speaking beautiful words, life affirmations and positive phrases that help to edify, encourage and trigger an inflow of blessings and positive goodness into every dimension of our lives.

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