Cheap Advertising

Singapore is not just a "fried rice paradise". It is also a "hard sell paradise".

If you flip through the papers on any single day, approximately 80% of the advertisements scream "DISCOUNTS", "SALE", "FREE", "PROMOTION" and other words aimed at tugging at your wallets. Because we're such avid bargain hunters, anything priced at the normal rack rates or list price will fail to trigger any immediate (or impulsive) purchase decision.

As I was about to enter my car a few days ago, I spotted this bright colourful flyer on my window.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. A new word "SUPER CHEAP" has now entered the hardsell marketer's lexicon. As if that's not enough, I turned over the flyer and VOILA!

An even harder sell word "ULTRA CHEAP" has crept into our consciousness!

In our desperate bid to earn that ever illusive consumer dollar, have we thrown out all notions of brand value, quality, reliability, service and experience out of the window? Would I trust an "ULTRA CHEAP" car servicing package when my life depends on the mechanic keeping my vehicle in running order? What do you think?

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