Revisiting Ethan's Gift of a Lifetime

Slightly more than three years (or 40 months) ago, my wife Tina and I gave our son Ethan a Christmas gift of a Marang tree as part of NParks' Plant a Tree Programme. Over the months, we've always made it a point to revisit our tree every now and then, just to see how healthy it has grown. Occasionally, I will also jog to the trail area where the tree grows just to see how well the sapling is doing.

On a recent trip to the Marang Trail at the foot of Mount Faber, we're glad to see that our tree is still doing well and growing both tall and lush. To me, this tree is especially meaningful when I make the connection between how my son Ethan grows and how the tree increases in size and girth. Let's hope that it will continue to spring forth and grow, just as my son Ethan continues to mature and grow as a young boy every day of his life.

Marang Tree - 30 Mar 11
Ethan gazing at the map of Mount Faber park at the foot of the hill.

Marang Tree - 30 Mar 11
Tina and Ethan walking to the plot where our green multi-lobed leafed friend grew. You can see how much taller the sapling is (on the right) compared to both of them.

Marang Tree - 30 Mar 11
Moving closer to inspect our long time family friend.

Marang Tree - 30 Mar 11
My my my, what big leaves you have!

Marang Tree - 30 Mar 11
Tina pointing out that a little snail is happily roosting on the now fairly sizable sapling.

Marang Tree - 30 Mar 11
One for the camera. I can't quite get the top of the young plant into my camera lenses.

Compare this to when we first planted the little tree back on 15 December 2007...

...and about 8 months later on 8 July 2008.

Stay tuned to this blog as I try to capture the progress of our plant through the years.

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