Free Ideas to Boost Productivity?

Courtesy of Learning By Doing

To heed the country's latest call to increase productivity, help entrepreneurs and managers everywhere, and satisfy my own need for intellectual stimulation, I wonder if its useful to start an online forum to discuss ideas to increase productivity.

This could be a way for all of us to contribute our share of ideas, innovations, and suggestions towards the national cause. Such a forum could also be used to clarify misconceptions on productivity (for example that we should all work 18 hours a day), or to build upon each other's plans in a (hopefully) constructive manner.

We can approach this from various perspectives - as entrepreneurs, managers, workers, shareholders, consultants or customers. Over time, it could form an avenue for the vigorous and robust discussion and debate on the productivity question in an objective and professional manner.

To kick off this idea, let me start by proposing two ideas of my own on how productivity can be boosted in the office:

1) Reduce the number of meetings that you have to attend a day to those that are absolutely critical. If you do have to attend one, ensure that you contribute to the discussion rather than fall asleep during the lengthy discourses!

2) Follow up rigorously after discussions with clients, work associates, or suppliers, with a short email on the key succinct points of the meeting and next steps immediately (or as soon as possible) after the meeting. If possible, nail down deadlines and timelines as precisely as possible, as well as specific accountabilities.

What do you guys think of this idea?

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