Shockingly Good Advertisements?

As I was walking along Swanston Street this afternoon, a couple of advertisements caught my attention. Both came from the Worksafe Victoria, a government agency tasked to improve workplace health and safety in the state of Victoria. They were both very eye-catching and immediately got the message through.

Here's the first from a tram stop shelter:


And a second one on a tram which is quite unnerving to say the least. I saw a few heads turn to look at it as people boarded the tram:


Graphically painful re-enactments seemed to be the order of the day for their television commercials too. The one below is targeted at reducing musculo-skeletal injuries at the workplace, which fortunately isn't as gory or scary as the posters above, but probably just as painful.

The thing about all the advertisements above is that the message is very clear: Take care of your safety at work, or the consequences can be horrendous.

What do you think of these ads? Would they work elsewhere?

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