The Value of Making (or Baking)

We are all creators by heart (3-year old Ethan putting together a toy set)

Have you wondered why toys like LEGO, model planes and Play Doh have such a timeless appeal?

Or mused about the popularity of recipe books (and blogs) springing up everywhere?

How about the popularity of virtual worlds like Pet Society on Facebook, and MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Everquest?

Sure there are many cool reasons to explain why they are popular, and I am sure you can come up with many. The one thing in common though is that these items - toy bricks, clay, recipes, and virtual worlds alike - allow one to create and build.

Put it another way, we all like to play God (or CEO, ancient warlock, chef, or engineer) once in a while.

This urge to create, grow and develop is something that is inbuilt in all of us. It is human nature to plant, nurture, cultivate, build and make stuff, be it at work or at play. Nothing beats seeing the mango tree which you planted years ago bear sweet luscious fruit, or to enjoy the satisfaction of composing a new song on Garageband. While your knitted sweaters may not be quite haute couture, your loved ones will still wear them with relish while you beam with pride.

The next time you think about pushing out a new product idea, consider how your customers can also play a part in creating, nurturing and building something that they can also take pride in. The best brand image that a company can build is one that is not only respected by one's customers, but nurtured and developed by them with lots of loving care and attention.

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