Build a Virtual Museum and Win Awesome Prizes

As a museum and heritage buff who is also a geek at heart, I am pretty excited about this latest campaign by HP to build an online virtual museum of technology.  They are looking for photographs and stories of old, outdated equipment that used to occupy a place in our hearts - a typewriter which has outlived its usefulness but not sentimental value, outmoded computers (anybody remember the old Apple II?) or perhaps even handheld games like the old Game and Watch which we loved.

The great thing is that you can stand a chance to win these droolsome prizes!

According to HP's website:

"There are prizes for the “oldest device” and “most compelling personal story” in each country. Winners will receive either a personable HP Mini or a HP Pocket Media Drive. The oldest product entry from the region will win the grand prize which is a full-featured HP TouchSmart.

Contest period: 27 May to 10 July 2009
Winners will be announced on: 31 July 2009"

So if you do have a photograph of a favourite old machine that you used (maybe even a dial phone?), why not scan it and send it to HP with a touching little story of how it changed your life? After all, it is all about preserving and presenting your personal heritage and sharing it to the world.

I think if this idea really kicks off, HP could even consider building a permanent museum of technology and equipment here in Singapore! Oh well, let's continue to dream on...

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