Free Entry to 13 Museums on 31 May!

International Museum Day or more affectionately IMD'09 is upon us yet again. This year's nine-day celebration revolves around the theme of ‘Holiday Fun at Home’ and features 40 activities that promises lots of sensory pleasures for children of all ages. Specially catering to kids and families, it features a wonderful smorgasbord of entertaining yet enriching activities specially designed to pique the sense of wonder and curiosity of your little ones.

Even as I write, a couple of exciting programmes and events are already ongoing. Do check out to keep updated on what's happening at our museums this year.  Read all about Singapore's last leopard, participate in the various children's programmes at our national museums, or take note of the blow by blow account of what you can do in a week.  Some of the cool stuff you can do this year include meeting Phua Chu Kang and his family at the Singapore City Gallery, learn about environmental sustainability at the Marina Barrage and Newater Visitor Centre, or reliving the genius and artistry of the legendary Renaissance artist cum inventor Leonard da Vinci

Just in time for the opening of Angels and Demons (and Night at the Museums 2) I suppose... ;)

Hang on a minute. I know that you may have missed some of the exciting programmes and activities happening at our museums in Singapore but its not too late. In fact, if you are free this Sunday on 31st of May (and in Singapore of course), you can check out the FREE ENTRY to not one, not two, but 13 museums all around the island! Just select any of those in the list below:

Bring along your friends and family members to our museums and rediscover the richness and vibrancy of Singapore's unique heritage, art and culture.  Explore the lesser known side of Singapore, learn about cool stuff that you didn't really know about our island, plus save money in these difficult times.

Before I go, here are a few words from a couple of kids (young and not so young ones) on what to expect this year from IMD'09.

Go ahead, have a holiday in Singapore this May (and June of course)!

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