My First Day in Melbourne

After a pretty uneventful flight from Singapore to Melbourne - save for the need to switch seats at the inflight entertainment wasn't working in my original place - I finally touched down in this beautiful city in the state of Victoria commencing my life as a student. What's on the news was pretty much the raging bush fires and their aftermath in terms of loss of life and livelihoods for many Australians. Thankfully, the effects weren't that severe here save for a slight haze and a parched and brown appearance throughout the city.

Here's some photos of my first day in Melbourne.

I am staying at the Graduate House of the University of Melbourne, which is a pretty decent place with adequate facilities for most of my needs. Food is great and its interesting to meet people from various nationalities around the world.

Here's a view of the study area in my room, which is beginning to look messy...

My wardrobe complete with clothes on the hanger. Pretty adequate I must say.

And of course, the bathroom, which comes with basic amenities like hot water, a nice sink and adequate shelving for my personal items.

This is one of the historic looking buildings (I think its the 1888 Building) at the University of Melbourne campus itself. I'll be walking through my campus for banking purposes and will try to put up more shots if I can.

Finally, some happy street musicians at Lygon Street, who earned a few dollars for their efforts in busking.

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