Why Globetrotters is Great for Families

We recently celebrated my nephew Isaac's 6th birthday at Globetrotters Restaurant, a well-known joint which specialises in catering to families with young kids. It was our first time there even though we heard so much about it. Having experienced it myself, I can only say that this is one F&B outlet which pulls out all the stops in endearing itself to its target audience!

Specialising in global cuisines, Globetrotters is located at United Square shopping centre - a family friendly hangout in itself.

A view of the restaurant which is almost entirely filled with young families. Let's move a little closer...

Ample spaces between tables makes it convenient for parents with babies in prams. I love what the company does in sacrificing potential revenue (more tables) for customer service.

Adults have a range of magazines to browse while waiting for their tykes. The titles clearly show who they are targeting (clue - not singles)!

A kids bar with fun things like plush toys, plastic games and drawing sets appeal to older children. There is also a small table for them to create their works of art.

What takes the cake was this little playroom at the back of the restaurant.

Not only does it have lots of colourful blocks, toy cars, and a slide - it also comes with an adult minder to ensure that your kids are safe and sound!

Here's Ethan having fun with a kitchen set. Not exactly the right gender specific toys but oh well...

After all that action, it was time to order some nosh. Note how colourful and brand-oriented the menu is, with dishes hailing from the different continents.

Here's a picture of my extended family getting ready to tuck in. Foodwise, I would say that the globally-inspired menu is probably above average.

My own selection of a Hungarian beef steak, with pieces of meat on top of a bed of vegetables (yeah I skipped the fries).

Ethan tucking into his macaroni with cheese.

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. "Happy Birthday to Isaaaccccc!!"

His favourite dinosaur - a Spinosaurus - with its spine sliced off. Ouch!

With so much fun for families with young kids, its little wonder that Globetrotters is an award winning restaurant.

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