Mid-Autumn Moonlit Magic

The Mid-Autumn, Mooncake or Lantern Festival always carries special meaning for me. It is one of those occasions where you just simply have to be out at night to soak in the sights, sounds, scents and sweetness (mooncakes!) of that savoury festival where we commemorate the harvest of autumn. In Singapore, the celebrations inevitably revolve around the Singapore River, and that was where our extended family decided to venture after an awesome dinner (and fine wine to boot).

The moon was bright and round that night. Apparently, it was even rounder and bigger the next day (ba yue shi liu).

Here's Felicia, Ethan, Alicia and Chloe on board the MRT train from Chinatown to Clarke Quay. No prizes for guessing who couldn't sit still!

The Mid-Autumn festival celebrations were just outside Central shopping mall.

Inside, kids on Ikea stools and tables were busy creating their own lanterns.

Outside the mall along the river, the place was overflowing with people from all walks of life and all ages.

We decided to have some fun with sparklers and lit quite a few to the delight of our kids.

Here's a shot of Ethan beaming away at the luminous pleasures.

These nice electric blue chilli lights lit up the trees adjacent to Central.

The highlight of the evening were the bright coloured lanterns floating on the river. Here's a giant turtle carrying the heroes of Journey to the West (Xi You Ji).

Two of the Chinese Zodiac beasts - the snake and the dragon.

Other animals in the Chinese Zodiac calendar like the horse, goat and others.

We found this lantern especially fascinating after my brother-in-law William told us about the saying - Cao Chuan Jie Jian (straw boats to borrow arrow).

Three legendary Chinese characters. I know the guy in the centre is Justice Bao but unfortunately I can't recall the other two. Anybody knows who they are?

Another colourful floating lantern in the river with cranes and other avian representatives.

Some of the street stalls were selling lucky lanterns which you can purchase and hang up for good fortune.

This ice cream man had the foresight of offering his icy cool treats there that night.

Naturally, we couldn't resist striking a few poses. Here's Susan, William and Chloe in a Kodak moment.

Tina and Ethan doing their thang beside a pig lantern (Tina's born in the year of the pig).

Finally, a shot of me and Ethan beside the goat (Ethan is born in the year of the goat).

How were your mid-autumn celebrations like? Did you gorge too much on mooncakes?

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