Growing Growing and Growing


Like my son Ethan, his birthday tree has been growing and growing in the last 8 months or so since we first planted it in December 2007. If you recall, this was part of the Plant a Tree programme by NParks, with each tree planted costing $200 that goes into the Garden City Fund.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the little sapling bearing large and lush leaves that are dark green in colour, a sign of health as it pushes its way through in its green and sunlit world. Naturally, we couldn't resist taking a few shots of it as it is also a member of our family - the green, silent and woody kind!

Hmmm... maybe it is time for us to plant another tree? Perhaps one for my upcoming birthday?

Tina and Ethan striking a pose.

Ethan counting the number of leaves on his birthday sapling.

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