Bringing Creativity Back


I used to pride myself on being an innovator and creator. Constantly seeking and searching, I would look for opportunities to start something fresh and new. Doing things the same way just didn't cut it for me if I can find an improved approach.

Unfortunately, the years have dulled my senses and numbed my instincts. Comparing myself to who I was 10 years ago, my ability to generate original thought and inspiration appear to have dwindled. I am no longer as sharp or spirited in my ability to pen a wickedly dastardly strategy, or to conceive a plan for world dominion.

Am I mellowing down to a mushy mass of molasses? Or is age catching up with me?

The human brain, like muscles in the body, need to be exercised and stimulated constantly to stretch itself beyond its current capacity. It needs to be fed with intellectual material to keep those imaginative juices churning and bubbling, ever ready to flow out in abundance. It needs to be teased and taunted by like-minds. It needs to be challenged in a new, strange and uncomfortable environment.

Perhaps it is time for a change in my routine. Perhaps I need to take on a hobby beyond my usual runs, something which engages more than just my quadriceps, calves and hamstrings. Perhaps I should do some social work, contributing my expertise in writing, publicising and blogging.

Well, I do have an option open to me right now on the road ahead. It is staring at me right before my face, and a decision needs to be made soon. It is going to be a new and refreshing adventure, a break from my usual modus operandi and a chance to rejuvenate my rusty grey matter.

I guess I'll make the decision soon. And I'll probably let you know too.