Incredible Peeing Wall!

After attending a staff seminar this evening, I walked along Boat Quay area and came across this unusual phenomenon at the base of OCBC building.


I liked the way the mirror image of the skyscrapers were captured in this dark pool. As I walked along, I gingerly strode on these granite planks...


And came face to face with one of the iconic sculptures around the financial district by Henry Moore.


This one had been around for quite some time and is called Reclining Figure. In case you do not know, Henry Moore was one of the foremost sculptors in UK, whose pieces can fetch up to millions even.


As I walked down from the sculpture, I noticed a freakish thing happening at the side of the dark granite wall. Can you spot it?


Yes, believe it or not, the wall is peeing! OK, ok, maybe the water feature just had a bad "flow" day.


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