Topless Fun in the Sun


Once in a while, you find the need to indulge in a streak of exhibitionism and hedonistic fun. It isn't always that one gets to do something that will turn heads in the public.

First, we took Ethan along to East Coast Park, where he had fun cycling...


We met with our good friends Clement, Amy and their 5 year old daughter Dyann, who is one of Ethan's best friends. Ethan, Dyann and Ani Kakak subsequently tried their hand at kite flying.


As it was raining, Amy invited us to her place for lunch. After lunch, we decided to go on a spin in their nice BMW cabriolet and to ride "topless" while picking up some Koi feed.


Here's a view from the front passenger seat of the car.


It was interesting to see people peering at this motley tag-team of two daddies with their preschool kids going out for a spin in a convertible, risking being burnt by the sun or pelted by rain. Not something that you see everyday.

We sure had fun! Especially the two kiddies as you can see.


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