Snowy Sensations

One of the reasons why we were so thickly dressed in Melbourne was because my son Ethan wanted to see snow. And see snow we did (well some snow since Spring plus global warming made quick work of alpine icicles). Waking up at the ungodly hour of about 4.45 am, we took a day trip to Mount Buller, a famous ski resort about 3 hours drive from Melbourne City and spent a day in a white winter wonderland. Having been to Hokkaido in December, I must add that Mount Buller isn't in quite the same league. Nonetheless, it was great to see Ethan's face light up as he pelted us with snowballs .

A view of the alpine "village" with ski resort hotels atop Mount Buller. As you can guess from the photo, it wasn't as cold as we imagined it to be.

Entrance to the Mount Buller ski area. Ordinarily, this place would be entirely white-washed in winter.

A shot of the ski resort with people sliding, slipping and skiing their way down the slopes.

Art in high places, with a sculpture of a skiier on the mountain slopes.

Here's a pic of Ethan and his papa. Notice the look of glee on his face, with a snowball all ready for action!

Another snowball fighting pic, this time with mama looking dishevelled as she helps to manufacture those icy weapons.

Imagine if the North Pole ice caps end up melting like this one day... Going... going...gone!

Of course, you can't do without one of these. Even on a ski resort!

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