Cuddly Koalas, Sassy Seagulls and Perky Penguins

One of the day trips which we took recently at Melbourne brought us to Philip Island, which is one of Australia's most well known penguin lookout. En route to the nursing grounds of those cute tuxedo-ed birds, we stopped by a koala conservatory and had a glance at an island full of seals (supposedly). While the service standards of that particular trip wasn't great, it did bring us to a few interesting spots - including Warrook Cattle Farm which my son loved.

A map of the Koala Conservatory which includes boardwalks to homes of the furries.

Can you see me? I am nestled comfortably amidst these branches of a gum tree.

Here's a shot of a cute and cuddly mother koala with an even cuter baby koala clinging onto it.

A koala keeper explaining why we should never poke, slam, or throw a sheep at a koala.

Yet another koala meditating and pondering over the vicissitudes of life.

The Nobbies is where seals hang out on Philip Island.

Here's a view of the great southern ocean from the observatory.

The island itself. Unfortunately, we can't really see any seals there. I guess they were either shy or too busy fishing!

What we do see lots of however are these seagulls, which were gregarious, social and creating a major spectacle.

Naturally, I can't resist a kodak moment. Ethan however, didn't seem too pleased.

Finally, nearing dusk, we visited the world famous penguin parade.

You can actually "pose" with the penguins and pretend that you are surrounded by flocks of cute little penguins.

Talk about tourist friendly. I spotted 10 different languages amongst these brochures.

The walk down the beach to where the penguins come up to nest. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photographs of them. Besides it was too dark... so...

We came up with our own alternative penguin pics.... ;)

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