Healsville Sanctuary - a Natural Respite

One of our first stops recently en route to Melbourne was Healesville Sanctuary, an open concept reserve for Australia's indigenous wildlife located just off the picturesque Yarra Valley area. While it wasn't quite as fabulous as our own Singapore Zoo and the prices of the tickets were rather steep at A$23 per adult (good thing Ethan gets in free as he is under 4!), we still did enjoy ourselves somewhat. I suppose the weather (yeah I missed it!) helps tremendously plus of course those cute marsupial furries...

Part zoo and part wildlife conservation facility, Healesville Sanctuary is a sprawling reserve of native Australian marsupials, monotremes and others.

A giant wood-carved eagle greeted us at the entrance. Naturally, we can't resist a Kodak moment.

Signages like this tell us who the furry and feathered stars of the sanctuary are.

Two emus greeted us at this enclosure. It was fascinating to watch them chase each other and rear up in the air in play.

Walkways covered in vegetation like this add to the sensation of walking in a bush land.

Our next stop? The kangaroo enclosure.

Pity that these red and grey kangaroos were rather sluggish that day. Must be the bountiful banquets that they get from the zookeepers!

We next ventured into the dark world of the Platypus. Unfortunately, I couldn't get good pictures of the cute critters as flash photography was forbidden.

These gregarious Pelicans squawked, flew and swam around their own little pond.

What's that? Its a Goanna, or an Australian monitor lizard. They not only can swim...

... but can climb trees too!

These spiky echidnas were fascinating creatures. Like the Platypuses, they are Monotremes, ie primitive egg laying mammals.

A Tasmanian Devil standing watch.

While a fat and cuddly Wombat chooses to feast, ignoring all attempts at getting a good shot of its face.

These bird and mammal skulls show how the different dentition of various beasts were related to their diets.

Finally, a must-have for any family oriented nature park!

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