Caught in the Act!

Evidence that demands a verdict?

This morning, as I was taking the lift from my home downstairs, I caught a man red-handed as he nonchalantly tossed a burning cigarette butt on to the floor. He probably didn't see me coming from behind.

I immediately asked him in a polite but firm manner, "Excuse me sir, did you just throw that cigarette butt on the floor?"

Caught unaware, he complained in a soft voice, "Umm.. the trouble is that there are no rubbish bins on this floor."

I then stated matter-of-factly that it was just a short lift ride downstairs on the ground floor where all the rubbish bins were.

The man then went to pick up the cigarette butt.

I next asked him, "Do you live here?"

He replied rather sheepishly that he does. At this stage, I could see that he was obviously uncomfortable with how things were developing.

Just then, the lift arrived and I went in, holding the lift door open. He was already out of sight at this time. I asked him, "Are you going down? We can take this lift together." He replied, "Its ok, I can walk down on my own."

I guess walking the few flights of stairs down to throw away a cigarette butt isn't that bad after all. Compared to facing up to it.

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