Fantastic Fireworks


Brought my family to catch the Fireworks Festival, a must go for anybody with a 3.75 year old. Part of the National Day celebration, this year's event was unique as you could buy tickets to sit comfortably on the floating platform at Marina Bay. At $8 apiece, it wasn't too expensive. Besides, it gives you a breathtaking view of the action.

Here are some pics and videos for memories. My son Ethan certainly enjoyed it and I am sure he will have sweet dreams tonight.

Wait a minute. Has the show started already? Why are these people whipping up their cameras and snapping away?

The answer? Pre-fireworks entertainment in the form of fire eaters and dancers. Kind of related though the flames aren't exactly as hot as those in the night sky.

Yet another fiery acrobatic performance. This unicyclist managed to juggle four flaming torches without missing a beat. Of course, his accomplice, a member of the audience, didn't do too badly either.

Ethan couldn't resist snapping a pose with the huge dancing balloons surrounding the platform.

The huge 27,000 strong crowd waiting in eager anticipation while the two emcees from Power 98 and 88.3 FM bantered on...and on... and on....

The warm-up performance was a light and music show emanating from the stage.

Followed by dazzling, kaleidoscopic fireworks in many different shades. This one takes the form of pink and orange beams shooting into the sky.

Blue flashes, white spikes, green showers, and golden yellow trajectories here.

Splashes of red and orange illuminating the night sky.

Followed by greens, yellows and whites.

And of course, the climactic finish with multiple hues, patterns and bursts going off towards the end.

To help you relive the experience, here are two rather amateurish videos which I captured.

I just LOVE them fireworks. Do you?

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