Thematic Toilets 2 - Nature's Call

If you think country-themed loos are cool, wait till you check out the rest rooms at Labrador Park. They are not only aesthetically decorative but educational and insightful too! And the contents within the commodes are curated and contextually relevant to their location too. They are also sparkling clean which is unusual for outdoor-based toilets.

Now you can enrich and fill your mind while emptying err... something else...

Olive Toilet 1
Here's the entrance to the men's room, decorated with dragonflies and blades of grass.

Olive Toilet 2
Splashed with green leaves, trees, fruits, butterflies and lizards, the decor adds live to an otherwise dreary necessity. Here you can BOTH answer nature's call and learn about her as well. He he....

Olive Toilet 4
While immersed in your own "aquatic" pursuits, find out all about the creatures of the cove in the much bigger sea out there.

Olive Toilet 5
Labrador Nature Reserve isn't just about things that swim in the seas. They do have many beach hopping birds too as you can see from here. And of course, the omnipresent insects.

Olive Toilet 6
I like the clear and large photographs which were put up. Here are two photos of common skinks (not stinks mind you!) adorning the walls just next to the urinals.

Olive Toilet 3
The geniuses behind the amazing artwork and curation are wonderful kids from Zhang De Primary School. You guys have done yourselves and your school proud! Now, let me look for the toilet paper amidst the "grasses"...

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