Let's Go Green! (One baby step at a time)

Save our world by bagging and recycling

We have all read, heard and sweated enough to know that the world is dying. At an alarming rate.

All manner of freakish weather phenomena has been happening around the world. Sea levels are rising in Southeast Asian islands, floods are becoming more common, and temperatures are rising not only during summer but all year round. Habitats and livelihoods of entire island communities were decimated while fishing stocks of favourite sushi fishes (bluefin tuna) are now severely depleted.

The last straw which broke the camel's back was when I read that glacial levels in the Himalayas have receded by as much as a few km! Even almighty Mount Everest is not spared from our shameful shenanigans!

OK, enough bitching. Here's what my family (led by my astute wife Tina) is going to do to save our world for posterity.

1) Recycle paper, plastic, metal and other products using the yellow plastic bags which are left outside our homes (see above).

2) Give our old clothes which are still in good condition to the karang guni (rag and bone) men or to homes.

3) Use canvas bags when shopping for groceries so that less environmentally damaging plastic bags are used.

4) Switch off the lights, fans, air conditioners, computers and other household applicances when not in use.

5) Use water saving thimbles to reduce the amount of water used for washing.

6) Spend more time outdoors to enjoy God's green earth and mother nature before its all gone.

7) For myself, I have been taking the bus to and from work for about a year-and-a-half already. When commuting short distances, I either walk or take the bus instead of taxis.

8) Carpool as much as possible whenever we are going out during weekends.

We haven't gone so far as plant a tree yet like Naomi Campbell did because we can't find a plot of soil in our flat yet...

What are you doing to save our world?

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