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About two months back (yeah this post is long overdue), I brought my family to the Singapore Zoo. This is one of our favourite hang outs for many reasons, some of which I have blogged about here. Attracting close to a million visitors a year, the Singapore Zoo has attained pinnacle position in the Singapore Tourism Awards for many years running. It is also a media darling, generating publicity for anything from animal births, conservation championing, escaping cats to goring elephants.

These signages complete with different animal showtimes help us to plot our journey through the wildlife park.

As we stepped into the wildlife park, its lush greenery soothed away our cares in the concrete jungle.

One of our first stop was this polar bear enclosure. Of course, these magnificent animals have been very much in the news lately for the wrong reasons.

Big, bigger, biggest!

Vertical banners like this help us to navigate to our favourite exhibits.

Hmmm.... what are these folks waiting for?

The answer? A tram ride to whizz one speedily through the sprawling compounds of the zoo.

Authenticity is obviously the name of the game here, as grass huts add to visitor experiences of walking in a wild safari.

Close up exhibits and handleables like these were useful for young kids like Ethan.

So are information panels like this one on marsupials like kangaroos, wallabies, and wombats.

Finally, the stars of the zoo themselves. Here's a pair of pygmy hippopotamuses frolicking in the muddy water.

A mother white rhinoceros with her cute little child. Ethan loved the frisky fellow who was prancing and playing with the different adults. Very un rhino like!

A pair of giraffes serenely munching away in the tropical environs of their enclosure.

And a couple of zebras having their lunch too. Yeah, most of the animals seem to be eating when we saw them!

Finally, the largest land animal in Asia doing some work for a change. Click on the video below to see a couple of Indian elephants earning their keep.

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