Service Excellence without Frills

A contender for SPRING's Excellent Service Award?

Many of us would have heard about Singapore Airline's legendary service. Or how every employee at Ritz Carlton, from GM down to housekeeping maid, is taught to resolve any guest complaint. Must quality service only exist in premium establishments?

The answer is no.

Two weeks ago, my wife and I walked down to our neighbourhood provision shop to purchase some Magnolia fresh milk. As usual, they had the two packets for $5.85 offer on some of the packets of milk.

After searching for two with the latest expiry date (being typical Singaporeans), we went to pay at the counter. With a friendly smile, the shop owner gently pointed out that the packets we took no longer had the offer. Why don’t we take the slightly older packets of milk which still had the offer instead?

Sheepishly, my wife and I went to exchange the packets of milk for the ones with the offer. Feeling gratified, we decided then to purchase an additional box of tea bags since that was also running out. When the change was returned to us, I noticed that the owner decided to absorb the 5 cents so we only paid $5.80 for the milk instead.

Moral of the story? You don’t have to be rich to provide memorable service.

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