Separated from Birth?

As I was flipping the newspapers today, I spotted this pair of uncannily similar advertisements from two beauty establishments. See if you can spot the difference between these pair of "identical twins".

Twin Ad 1
New York Skin Solutions touting miraculous cures for all kinds of skin ailments.

Twin Ad 2
The more famous twin Yun Nam Hair Care offering all manner of panaceas for the follicularly challenged.

There are a few elements in both ads that are similar:
1) Both have exactly 8 "before and after" testimonials.
2) Both have "Beauty Experts 2 Success Stories" - whatever that means.
3) Both have a starburst offering a FREE gift.
4) Both allow you to call or SMS to book your spaces.
5) Both have treatments have offers "exclusive for new customers with skin/hair problems" that costs only $18.
6) Both establishments have 5 outlets at various shopping malls in Singapore.

Upon further investigation, I found out that both companies belong to the same HQ company which is Euro Group. There were also lots of online chatter about them which you can read in some of the forums here and here. Most don't seem to be very flattering, unfortunately, and hard sell tactics seem to be a common problem. I don't think its unique to these establishments though as the beauty trade in Singapore is a hyper competitive one.

What are your experiences like with beauty salon treatments? Do they live up to their promise on advertisements?

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