Pippin’ Hot Porridge


After visiting her regular TCM practitioner at Yishun last Saturday, my wife Tina and I decided to drive along Upper Thomson Road to have a late dinner at this cosy little porridge place located at Springleaf Estate. We ordered a couple of dishes to go with our bowls of steaming sweet potato porridge and had a pleasant meal.


The kangkong tasted fresh with a slight crunchy texture, while the fermented bean sauce provided a nice balance to the white porridge.


We were a little disappointed with the fried clams in soya sauce. They were really tiny. Some of the slivers of meat looked like strips of ginger!


This dish of almost raw cockles with oyster sauce and freshly squeezed lime was my favourite. Yes, I am a raw foodie who also relishes sushi and sashimi. My Tina looked at it with disgust though.


Another all time favourite of ours is minced pork with soya sauce. These are usually perfect with plain white porridge. Unfortunately, I found the sauce on this one a little too salty for my liking.


Well, this tastes exactly how it looks, which provides a slightly sweet and bland counterbalance to all the heavily seasoned meats and vegetables above.


The spread was so good that my wife Tina had two bowls of porridge at one go! Maybe she was hungry too as it was approaching 9.00 pm then. Of course, looking at her size, she can easily afford it.

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