My Pop's Birthday Bash at Broth

Last Saturday (28th April) we celebrated my dad's 67th birthday at Broth, a charming Australian style restaurant along stone-cobbled Duxton Hill. For the unitiated, Duxton is a charming little neighbourhood of clubs and restaurants sandwiched between the financial district and the more boisterous Chinatown area in Singapore.

Good things come in small packages, and this boutique restaurant never failed to live up to its promise. After reading several rave reviews here, here, and here, we decided to give it a try. I worked with its owner Steven Hansen before on an event at a museum and it went pretty well. A nice and friendly chap who came here from Melbourne a couple of years ago, Steve also runs River Cafe located at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute at Robertson Quay, another quality Aussie style dining joint.

The overall ambience and food quality was superb. We gave a thumbs up for most of the dishes, including the lamb loin, steak, pork chop, salmon and starters. Of course, the dessert of sticky date pudding literally took the cake!

Unfortunately, my food photographs didn't turn out well so I will skip posting them here as they may do injustice to our splendid dining experience.

Stone cobbled path of Duxton Hill adds a unique old world charm to this creative neighbourhood full of advertising agencies and design firms.

Broth 1
A view of the restaurant from outside.

Broth 2
Happy diners chatting and making merry in an al fresco manner, with a big fan keeping them warm from Singapore's tropical heat.

Broth 4
Numerous awards and accolades bear testimony to the pleasant culinary experience which we were treated to.

Broth 3
Simple and tasteful decor with rich wooden panelling adorned the restaurant's interior. Most of the staff were young, enthusiastic and helpful too.

Broth 5
My family enjoying their meal. From clockwise: my dad, mum, son Ethan and wife Tina.

Ethan obviously enjoying his soup and bread, while cheerfully greeting fellow diners.

Broth 6
My dad (whom I call Pop) blowing the candle on his sticky date pudding with me, my mum and Ethan looking on.

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