A Tale of Two Birthdays

We celebrated two birthdays by two dear nieces this month. As usual, it was a mixture of family fun and chaos when you have multiple kids in a restaurant. There were some uncanny similarities between the two celebrations, which I thought I should highlight.

1) Both the girls' names start with A - Ariel & Alycia.

2) Both birthdays occur in April. Ariel's birthday is on 10th April while Alycia's birthday is on 22nd April.

3) Both celebrations are by 7-year olds born in the year of the Dragon.

4) Both grand dads' have birthdays in April, are 67 years of age and also born in the year of the dragon!

5) Both fathers of the girls have very similar names. Ariel's dad is Lim Hun Ming while Alycia's dad is Lim Hun Huat (they are not brothers or cousins)! Both dads are doing sales and marketing managers working in MNCs.

6) Both birthday kids are girls who care about their looks.

7) Both celebrations happened at buffet restaurants.

8) Both parties had birthday cakes with commercially acclaimed cartoon princesses.

9) Both parties had 4 young kids and a lot of chaos.

10) Ethan ended up eating in an errr.... less than tidy fashion in both parties.

Anyway, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. Happy Birthday Ariel and Alycia! May the two of you grow up to be fine young ladies in the years to come.

Grandpa Michael, Mandy, Lee Hwa, Ariel, Roger and Isaac at Ariel's 7th birthday at Sakura Restaurant.

Ariel's birthday cake had a picture of a Disney Princess - Ariel, the Little Mermaid (who else).

Ethan using all 10 fingers to enjoy the sushi at Ariel's birthday party.

Chloe, Ethan, Karen, Alycia, Paul and Felicia at Alycia's 7th birthday celebration at Olive Tree.

Alycia's birthday cake with not one but two princesses from the acclaimed Barbie series.

Alycia and Ethan digging into the cake with gusto, with Susan in the background looking contented.

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