Layering on the Link Love

OK folks, I thought that I should do something wacky, deposit some goodwill in emotional bank accounts and do the meme thing upon the advice of "Da Jie" and good friend eastcoastlife, an A-list blogger. For this I was tagged by environmentalist Pauline. I still owe tags by Oceanskies and Zeezee and will try to work on them soon.

Layer One:On The Outside
Name : Walter Lim (aka coolinsider)
Birth Date : 24 August
Current status : Married
Eye Colour : Brown and sometimes red (guess why)
Hair Colour : Black and some white (while stocks last)
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two :On The Inside
Your Heritage : Teochew (dad Teochew, mum Shanghainese)
Your Fears : Losing my loved ones and losing myself through overwork
Your Weakness : "Red, red wine makes me feel so fine..."
Your Perfect Pizza : Seafood, with lots of calamari, prawns, scallops, clams, mozarella, a sprinkling of rocket greens and chilli peppers. Sedap!

Layer Three :Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up : "Huhhh....its what already?" with eyes half closed and body half asleep.
Your Bedtime : Ponderous and full of thoughts
Your Most Missed Memory : My childhood days in a house with a garden at Serangoon Garden Way

Layer Four : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Neither, as I don't drink soft drinks.
McDonald's or Burger King : Definitely Burger King.
Single or Group Dates : Either was fine. Now of course only with my dearest wife. ;)
Adidas or Nike : Partial towards Nike for their cutting edge designs and better running shoes
Tea or Nestea : Tea for sure. Nestea is too sweet!
Chocolate or Vanilla : Cocoa for me.
Cappucino or Coffee : Coffee

Layer Five : Do You..
Smoke : Nope.
Curse: Unfortunately yes especially in stressful situations
Take a shower : Definitely... this is Singapore not Siberia!
Have a crush : The only thing I crush nowadays are fruits in the morning
Think you've been in love: Definitely. The two greatest love in my life is my wife and my son. ;)
Go to school : I wish I can go back to school again and do my masters. That's one of the "must dos" in my life.
Want to get married : I am already married!
Believe in yourself : I sure hope and think so. I also believe that one day I will become an entrepreneur and that day is coming.
Think you're a health freak : I drink blended fruits for breakfast almost every day, love vegetables, try to jog 3 to 4 times a week and drink lots of water in the morning.

Layer Six : In The Past Month
Drank alcohol : Plenty, especially red wine.
Gone to the mall : Yes, especially Ngee Ann City.
Been on stage : Definitely. Every single day at work and especially in meetings with my boss. :)
Eaten sushi : Certainly, its one of nature's most perfect uncooked food. Slurp!
Dyed your hair : Not much left to begin with!

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..
Played A Stripping Game : Yah, with my son Ethan. If he can change fast enough, we can watch "Power Rangers" on Youtube after that. Always works!
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : Sadly, in my line of work, I have to do it all the time. I am an introverted person by nature who loves a quiet simple life. However, at work, I have to be extroverted, a social butterfly and a diplomat all rolled into one.

Layer Eight : Age
You're Hoping To Be Married : 33 years and already done that. ;)

Layer Nine : In a Girl/Guy
Best Eye Colour : Brown
Best Hair Colour : Makes no difference
Short Hair or Long Hair : Doesn't matter so long as its neat

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago : writing this post
1 Hour Ago : drinking a cup of chamomile tea
4.5 Hours Ago : Working my butt off
1 Month Ago : Panicking and feeling stressed out as a major event was then just a week away.
1 Year Ago: Living a very different life both at work and at home

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence
I Love : My family
I Feel : very exhausted and worn
I Hate : the feeling of helplessness
I Hide : my fears
I Need : a long holiday and thereafter, a chance to stimulate my mind once again

Layer Twelve : Tag five people
No obligations ok folks though would be nice.
1. Ivan Chew
2. Vanessa Tan
3. Lucian Teo
4. Sivasothi
5. Kevin Lim

OK I am done and it was kinda fun in a way. Perhaps we should customise it for local contexts next time?

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