Goats and Kids - A Winning Combination

Yesterday morning, we did our usual pilgrimage to Hay's Dairies (upon the request of our kid, who else) and I had the chance to use my new Panasonic DMC-FX01 camera. Do join us on our virtual tour and hopefully you can learn a thing or two about how you can attract crowds to your farm-based attraction. Hmmm.... are they a farm or are they an attraction?

Our journey to the North West took almost an hour from our home down under. The trip was pretty rough for a 3.5 year old.

These tourism brown signs provide very useful navigational hints to drivers like myself. And they are even branded with the logo of the goat farm.

See what I mean? The entrance to Hay's Dairies has this nice family of goats beckoning to visitors.

Ample and free carparking are always welcome in land scarce Singapore.

If you don't drive, you can always catch a ride on the Kranji Express, a shuttle service which plys the various farm attractions in the neighbourhood. A fabulous idea for those without cars.

What are these people staring at? And why is there a "No Entry" sign right where the action is?

Ahh.... So that's what they were all staring at! The men in Phua-Chu-Kang-esque yellow boots are putting in tubes to pump the milk out of them mama goats.

Another view of the intense tit-squeezing action. Ouch!

A nice touch in any attraction. Toilets and washing facilities that are child-sized, right down to the sinks and the toilet bowls.

At $2 a packet, selling food to visitors to feed the goats makes perfect business sense. Well, at least I know that Ethan is old enough to buy his own hay! You'll see him in action later.

The goats seem to be living the life, lazing about in their clean, dry and shady sheds.

This barnyard was where the main action is at. Both mature male goats and their kids were begging to be fed by hapless visitors. Interestingly, many were families with toddlers like us! I guess kids (the bleating kind) do attract kids (the weeping kind).

Here's Ethan diving into the feeding frenzy.

Educational captions and signboards like this one in English taught visitors about the various families of goats.

Another educational caption, this time written in Chinese to appeal to the majority of Mandarin-speaking heartlanders. Clever.

Giant industrial-sized fans kept both animals and humans cool in the blistering mid day heat. A welcome respite indeed.

Fresh goat's milk for sale. They are nutritious, easily digestible, lower in calories and terribly expensive at $2 per 200 ml bottle. They also come in two flavours - natural and chocolate.

After a hard morning's work of feeding goats, Ethan enjoyed his chocolate flavoured goat's milk with much aplomb.

Publicity, awards and accolades galore for Hay's Dairies. From the crowds that visited today, we can certainly see why they are making waves.

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