Fine Art of Flyering

As I was opening the door to my home recently, out popped this slip of paper which looked like a hastily scribbled personal note.

When I looked closer at the details, I realise that this was actually a printed flyer and not a request from my relative. Yes, it wasn't blue ink but print! While the language left much room for improvement, the note does catches one's attention. It appears to be a genuine request for help, with the offer to pay high cash price for a unit in my estate. Pity that I am not in a hurry to sell though.

Compare that flyer to this one.

This second example is much more typical of a property agent's work. It contains information on his range of services (buying, selling or renting properties), talks about the existing rental rates for various categories of flats, and also assures potential customers that they know their paperwork.

Then, there are those who go all the way, like these agents from PropNext, Singapore's largest real estate firm.

You can see that this third flyer has the photos of the two agents, a comprehensive list of recently transacted prices around my estate, and even examples of units up for grabs. They also have a catchy web URL which offers various FREE services. Talk about going the whole hog!

If you were looking to sell your property, which flyer would you respond to?

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