Chilling Out at Cafe del Mar

View of coconut trees at Siloso Beach

After dinner on Friday, I drove my family over to Sentosa just to check out its night vibes. As usual, there were the tour groups who were just leaving after attending the island's new night attraction Songs of the Sea. We decided to check out the beaches and along the way, decided to hop by the Cafe del Mar, the happening new beach club just outside Siloso Beach Resort.


Inspired by the original Cafe del Mar at San Antonia, Ibiza, the club played largely chill out and ambient music. To get an idea what this genre of music is like, just tune into Lush 99.5 FM (which is one of my favourite radio stations by the way).

The club has three different zones - an indoor air-conditioned area with TV screens playing music videos, an outdoor poolside area, plus a third zone adjacent to the beach with a view of the sea. It catered to a largely young and yuppie crowd, dressed in their Friday beach partying attire while sipping ice cold drinks under the stars.


The entire mood of the place was relaxed and casual , with nice funky mood lights in different hues adding splashes of colour. Guests were bantering away, smiles on their face while enjoying the night-time breeze. Most of the service staff seemed attentive to guest needs while not being particularly intrusive. For example, we could walk around without being accosted or asked to leave (kids are usually not allowed in such places).


The bar counter in the middle of the club is probably its crown jewel. Located alongside the swimming pool, it acted as a beacon of alcoholic delight, decked out in a bedazzling range of colours, hues and shades.


The place also had comfortable cushioned deck chairs and little pavillions with cushions for people to lounge in. My son Ethan liked the place very much as you can see. He described Cafe del Mar as "that very colourful place with music in Sentosa".

I have a suspicion that when he grows up, he is going to be one party animal!

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