Best Blogger? You Got To Be Kidding!

Apparently, I was (faint) according to the cool folks at the Digital Movement. They apparently liked my 5 parter on Nexus 2007 so much that they have given me a free T-shirt for Best Coverage Award. Wow!

Party T-Shirt

Thanks for the cool accolade folks. I really appreciate it and I think that you guys are doing a swell job too. Keep it up! The future is bright for Singapore 2.0!

For those who missed it, you can still catch all 5 episodes archived below:
Episode 1: What Nexus 2007 is all about
Episode 2: Web 2.0 in a Nutshell
Episode 3: We, the Citizen Journalists of Singapore
Episode 4: The Future of the Web - An Egalitarian Paradise?
Episode 5: Technopreneurial Tales

And oh yes, it has been great meeting some of the folks behind the Digital Movement at the recent Nexus 2007 thank you party. They include Melvin Yuan, Bernard Leong, Su Yuen, Steve Ng, Wee Kiat, Chern Jie, Renzhi, Peter, Ridzuan, and Kai Sheng. You guys rock!


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