Parking Lot Principles

I was piqued by this recent post on Seth Godin's blog which spoke about how a bank manager parked at the most convenient lot available right in front. An excerpt from it below:

"The manager of the Chase bank in Pleasantville parks right out front. Her branch is on a quiet street with parking meters available for customers to use. Figure there's perhaps a dozen spaces convenient enough to make it worth going to the bank... if they're full, keep on driving, because there's always another bank coming up soon."

This reminded me of exactly the same frustration which many of us face.

Visit any commercial or office building and you will see that the reserved or permanent lots for staff are always at the first few levels. At a certain building at Shenton Way, I remembered driving all the way up to level 5 or 6 before I could park! The rest were all in red and clearly demarcated for staff. Naturally, the CEO and Chairman lots were the closest to the door and lift, complete with their license plate numbers gloriously emblazoned on the ground for all to see.

Why not put the hourly parking lots nearest to the carpark entrance? After all, these are the ones used most frequently by our customers who need to scoot in and scoot out quickly. Let's then position those red reserved "I-work-here-so-I-am-almighty" ones way up at the upper levels (or lower levels for those with multiple basements).

I am sure the extra minutes taken to walk or take the lift to their offices won't hurt. Maybe it will even improve your health and well-being?

More importantly, your customers will end up appreciating you more for it.

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