What Nexus 2007 is All About


After hearing my fellow media socialists Kevin, Benjamin, Ivan, Siva, Coleman, Preetam and Vanessa talk about Nexus 2007, I decided that I simply had to check it out for myself. And boy was it a blast!

Before going into the heavy stuff, let me share some photos and tongue-in-cheek observations about what Nexus 2007 is all about.

Food, Glorious Food


Despite paying only $15, we were treated to a non-stop smorgasbord of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and even beer! All that tech-talk leads to a lot of bits and bites.

Bubbly Youthful Energy


Organised by The Digital Movement, Nexus 2007 seem to be very much about youthful passion, drive and ardour. Most of the organisers were undergrads and their enthusiasm can be seen in the way they spoke with so much bright-eyed and bushy-tailed energy.



It was quite obvious that almost 90% of the attendees were guys. Most were young, hot-blooded males, all rarin' to become the next tech-chick magnet. Of course, the two fine looking gentlemen here beat most of them hands down.



Well, they certainly don't call this the conversational era for nothing. Small group discussions abound at Nexus 2007, with many carrying on the discussions into the wee hours of the morning through IMs, blogs, forums and chats.

Weapons of Mass Distraction


Part of the programme includes a "live chat" moderated by an organiser with a big screen flashed on stage. I found this mildly amusing at times when the chatters were openly lambasting the speaker on stage.

OK, this is just a teaser guys. Some of the serious stuff coming ahead in the next couple of days. Akan datang.

What were your experiences like at Nexus 2007?

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