Fishy Tales

Last weekend, I brought my family to Ka-Soh Restaurant, a famous old chain specialising in Fish Head Noodle. Tucked away in a nondescript corner of the Singapore General Hospital - of all places - the restaurant was literally sitting in darkness in the hospital campus when we arrived for dinner.

Despite its relatively inauspicious location, the restaurant had a good crowd when we arrived. Apparently, Ka-Soh is one of the original purveyors of fine fishhead noodles which does not use evaporated milk to thicken its soup. Instead, the milky white soup came from hours of boiling the bones of "Sang Yu" or snakehead fish. I understand that this dish is especially popular due to its purported ability to heal one's wounds.

Although the wait was somewhat long, we enjoyed our dinner that night. The decor and ambience was casually comfortable, with a modern and minimalist Zen look. Waitresses were also generally attentive towards our needs and even advised us not to order too much for fear that we could not finish our food. Our favourite dish without a doubt was the fish meat noodles and we lapped up every single drop of the yummy soup.

Ethan and Tina tucking into fish meat noodles. Notice the unhappy look of hunger on Ethan's face.

The second dish which we ordered was Seafood Horfun. Apologies for the blurry photo which didn't do justice to this yummilicious dish.

Newspaper and magazine reviews plus celebrity photos galore. A must-have for marketing F&B outlets in Singapore?

A close-up of one of the newspaper cuttings, which revealed a clever spot of guerrilla PR in the face of the SARS adversity in 2003!

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