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This post is dedicated to my friends who bake, cook, prepare cocktails and generally help to make life sweeter and more sublime for foodies and drinkers like myself.

Being a true-blue Singaporean, I love to have my carrot cake and eat it. Yes, we are a nation of foodies and many people live and swear by their hokkien mee, satays, roti pratas, and mee poks (a flat fettucine like egg noodle) here. There are also many food guides around (many with online counterparts) like the venerable Makansutra which has become a national institution for many here.

If you like to explore hawker centres and coffee shops as much as I do, you will appreciate the kind of marketing which they do. I always find it amusing how they use their accolades from Channel U's Yummy King, the Green Book, Newspaper and magazine reviews, and even celebrity photographs to great effect.

Blogging seem to have taken the F&B world by storm. In fact, many of the most popular blogs around either blog about baking, food recipes, restaurant reviews, hawker hunts, clubbing spots, cooking, and just general savoury indulgences. I have also come across a blogging cafe and even a blogging bouncer!

I wish that more leading restaurateurs and food entrepreneurs will blog though. It will be interesting to read about the inspiration behind the classic creation of chefs in Singapore, or the toils and troubles that a hawker experiences. Or perhaps how one experimented with a recipe over and over again until he or she achieved culinary perfection. Maybe stories about serving a very important customer (like a celebrity or politician), the day the cooking oil ran out, and how dating couples behave behind the bar. Or even a simple trip to the market early in the morning to hunt for the freshest ingredients (ala those perfection-obsessed chefs in Japan Hour).

Certainly, the F&B business isn't an easy one. I have heard and read about so many failures in this business (including those amongst personal friends) that I wonder why people bother sometimes. The hours are long, investments are heavy, and competition can kill. Perhaps blogging could help to draw customers? I for one love to read about my food and how it is prepared.

Any ideas out there?

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