Run For Your Life!

Ethan running wild at Orchid Garden

Ever since my university days, I have loved to go on long outdoor runs. Covering distances between 8 to 10 km, these sessions provide a much needed respite from the vagaries of life.

There is something about the feeling of wind rushing through your hair, sweat dripping from your brows, and your heart pumping hard as you stride across kilometres. Your mind will be much clearer as you think through the key issues of your life and focus on the ones that matter.

The fresh air and scenery provides an intoxicating and heady mix that you deeply inhale. To top it off, there will be the accompanying endorphin high and after burner effect which keeps you happy hours after the run.

Of course, there will also be benefits for your physique and look, as well as your sanity. To me, running provides much needed therapy for the mind, body and soul.

Lately - well at least for the past two days - I have started going on long hard runs again. My legs pounding the asphalt step after step, I discovered a new sense of peace which have evaded me for quite some time. I found that it helped me to bring fresh perspective to my life and not to sweat the small stuff at work, at home, or anywhere else.

You should try it one day too. Any form of aerobic exercise will do, be it brisk walking, cycling, swimming, boxerobics, soccer, basketball, or running. And no, this message is not brought to you by the Health Promotion Board, though Vanessa should be glad!

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