Leapin' Lions and Rollin' Dragons

As some of you would know, my 3.25 year old son Ethan simply LOVES lion dance performances. He will go into a frenzy, eyes glazed and jaw agape, when he hears the heart pounding bellows of the Chinese drums coupled with the clashing cymbals. Long time readers would probably have seen him doing his own lion dancing performance before.

This CNY, Ethan was really lucky. He managed to catch not just two lion dancing but an exciting dragon dance at his great grandmother's place at McNair Road. How did it go? Well first, a few words of greetings from our sponsor.

Next is a video of the two very energetic lions prancing about.

Finally, the dancing dragon having a rollin' good time. Note that the sound of the drums and cymbals are slightly different from a lion dance performance.

You can see that this isn't just any dragon and lion dance troupe. These guys are in fact professionals from the Tian Eng Dragon and Lion Dance Centre. They even have a website! Don't pray pray...

OK guys, hope you enjoyed the videos. Normal programming resume tomorrow so keep tuning in...

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