Childcare Leave and Dell Heaven

Yes, I am back online! It sure feels good to be connected again, after last fortnight's scary episode.

First, I must share that I took childcare MC leave today to bring my kid to the paediatrician. He was the latest victim, together with my wife and I, of some gastric related flu. It was some affliction that probably spread around when we last visited Bangkok. We went to his favourite Dr Yeo at the Killiney Family Clinic, and got some medicine for diarrhea, vomiting and related symptons.

Anyway, I spent about 2.5 hours this morning helping him to put together his gift from Auntie Karen - a nice big Peter Pan playset featuring one of the islands in Neverland. Finally managed to fix it amidst lots of grunting and straining over the intricate parts, but the look on his face was well worth it thereafter.

Ethan having fun with Neverland

After lunch, I read him a couple of story books, mostly borrowed from the National Library Board's fabulous children's collections. Our libraries are fast becoming one of my family's favourite hangouts after they have reinvented themselves. Following that, we both headed off to our own "Neverlands" and caught more than 40 winks each.

When I woke up before him, I decided to call the Dell hotline to see what's wrong with my computer. There were a couple of pleasant surprises which I truly did not expect:

1) The line was easy to get through. There was no waiting time after I pressed the necessary preliminary codes and buttons.

2) The tech support guy spoke to me in a polite and clear manner, and did not ask for my customer code or support until towards the end of the session. In other words, even if I wasn't a Dell customer, he would still have extended that same level of service.

3) The tech support guy was very patient throughout the process, telling me step-by-step to first unplug all USB and other connecting devices, then slowly plugging them in two at a time.

4) When I shared that the contents of the hard disk was especially valuable, he encouraged me to get an external HDD or other storage device and to backup weekly. Of course, I already knew this, but its nice to hear this.

5) The call ended with a friendly offer to let them know if anything else doesn't work and to call back again. By this time, I could get everything up and running again.

Yes, coolinsights is back in action again!

I think its a blessing that I spent time today taking care of Ethan. God works in unusual ways. I am certain that when I made a decision this morning to bring him to the doctor and bond with him, something happened which resulted in the PC being fixed in such a painfree manner. This wasn't an easy decision to make - there are currently many things in the office which needed attending to. However, somehow I felt a nudging that this is the right thing to do.

Ethan sang "Jesus Loves Me" very sweetly when I was putting together the Peter Pan playset this morning. Somehow, its lyrics struck a chord with me too, and reminded me of what's more important in the bigger scheme of things.

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