VivoCity Adventures

We recently went to VivoCity together with my parents, my niece Mandy and nephew Isaac.

While we generally enjoyed ourselves, the entire experience would have been a lot better if certain attention to customer details were made. For a start, the air-conditioning was butt freezingly cold, and exiting from the carpark took eons.

Our first stop for the night was at Earl Swensen's for dinner.

Here is a picture of our main courses.

While my steak looked sizzling and savoury, I had a shock when I tried to cut it and it was bloody. Yes, I didn't know medium-rare now meant raw-and-gore (not the Incovenient Truth variety). Good thing they changed it for me before I turn vampiric!

The salad buffet was mediocre at best. Note the friendly reminder not to share your salad with fellow cheapskates.

Our next stop? Mini Toons, to indulge the kids.

Here's Ethan looking at his 8-year old cousin Mandy amidst the soft toys.

4-year old Isaac looks longingly at the snacks at Mini Toons.

Sometime shortly after that, a shop assistant interrupted me and said no photography is allowed here. I told him that I was taking photos of my kid, not his products. Anyway, we left shortly thereafter, without buying anything. Thanks for driving me away pal!

I liked the decor put up by Tangs. They seem to be getting their act right these days.

Another shot of the Christmas "chandelier" outside Tangs. A mesmerising assortment of festive shapes, colours, textures and patterns.

"Jingle bells jingle bell, decorate your home!"

China's founding father Mao Tse-Tung becomes the latest pop icon in resplendent technicolour. Now that's what I call cultural capital!

Ethan, Isaac and Mandy having a ball of a time at Toys R Us - where kid's dreams and parent's nightmares come true simultaneously!

Ethan toying with a T-Rex figure. Note the winter jacket that he was wearing in sunny Singapore. It toook quite a while before we could pry him off the object of his affection.

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